What’s in store for mobile projectors?


As time progresses technology improves. The definition of ‘mobile’ is becoming more recurring as time passes on. First the ‘mobile’ phone, then ‘mobile’ laptops, ‘mobile’ Mp3 players, and so on. Finally it is on the point of reaching the ‘mobile’ age of projectors. After many years and decades, as technology improves, Samsung did something really interesting with their consumer electronics products by adding to a pico projector feature to it.


The Android Authority, Darcy LaCouvee talked to one of the Business Manager of DLP Pico Projection, Frank J. Moizio, about mobile projection technology and the future that it holds. The interview is an eye-opener, definitely surprises us how advanced the compact projection technology has involved from its early stages. Such device can be used for gaming, business purposes, and entertainment. The revamped Samsung Galaxy Beam which came out earlier this year is definitely a device that needs to watch for.

YouTube link for interview: Samsung Galaxy Beam Interview on Youtube


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