Microvision announces PicoP to be released (soon)

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Microvision SHOW PicoP
Microvision SHOW PicoP

Microvision announced Q3 earnings last Friday.  According to the press release Microvision has stated “We are rapidly approaching the introduction of Microvision’s first product based on our proprietary PicoP display engine which is scheduled for later this summer. We are completing the product reliability and quality testing and we are validating manufacturing processes at our suppliers. Additionally, we are finalizing supply quantities that will be available to support our commercial introduction this year and as we have previously indicated, we estimate that the demand for the Show WX will exceed the initial quantities available in 2009…”

After several years in development Microvision will finally be releasing the PicoP based on laser technology.  While there are several distinct advantages to laser technology such as small form factor, the focus-less optical engine, and low power consumption there are also several major dis-advantages too, one being the inability to create a bright picture less someone’s eyes get burned out!

With second generation micro projectors being released by 3M, AAXA, and a plethora of other manufacturers, we wonder if Microvision can truly compete in the micro projector market with a 10 lumen mobile projector.  Surely there will be applications for the Microvision technology, such as automobile HUDs display units and the like, but as it stands now it may be difficult for Microvision’s PicoP to be truly a contender in the mobile projector market.

What happens, of course, will remain to be seen once Microvision releases its long awaited micro projector engine.

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