3M’s new MPro120 and Optoma Launches PK-102

3M’s new Mpro120 has launched targeting the higher end of the market.   The Mpro120 features 12 lumens and a new RGB sequential optical engine (as previously discussed here).  Also added are on-board media features.  At $385 however, it might be a hard sell to anything but the business customer.

3M Mpro120 micro projector
Optoma PK-102
Optoma PK-102

Optoma has launched the PK-102 to target the lower end of the market.  Improved from the PK-101 is contrast, 4gb onboard memory, and VGA adapter.  Another improvement is the price – we see them going for $250 which is an improvement from the $299 price of the PK-101.   However the resolution remains the same at 480 x 240 as does lumens at 10.

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