AAXA P2 Micro Projector Reviewed 33 lumen 800×600

We have reviewed the AAXA P2 Micro Projector!


Class: Pico Projector

Bulb: LED

Resolution: 800×600

Brightness: 33 Lumens

Contrast: 1000:1

MSRP: $349.00


The video doesn’t really do the projector justice – here’s pictures in room with natural daylight coming in and some lights on.

AAXA P2 Test - 50" with some lights on
AAXA P2 Test – 50″ with some lights on

Here’s a test with lights off.  The color quality and the resolution really shines in the dark.

AAXA P2 Micro Projector - Lights off 50" diagonal
AAXA P2 Micro Projector – Lights off 50″ diagonal

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