Jakks Pacific Eyeclops Mini Projector


We recently reviewed the Jakks Eyeclops projector from Jakks Pacific. The Eyeclops is advertised as a 4 D-cell powered LED / LCOS mini projector priced at $99 from Toys-R-Us. According to Entertainment Earth the hand held Eyeclops provides 8-lumens and a 320 x 240 resolution.

Features include: manual focus, composite video input, and a stand allowing battery power.

Our thoughts:
Our first impression of the Eyeclops is that it makes an affordable toy for the kids to play with. At the price tag of $99, you won’t feel overwhelmed with emotion when your kid decides to bury it in the backyard.

Having tested other handheld projectors in the same class, we found it hard to believe that the Eyeclops’ actually produced 8-lumens of power – we tested the output just to make sure.

Our tests revealed that the actual lumen output of the unit faired closer to the 2-lumen range – much lower than what we had expected prior to getting our hands on one. 

Aside from the low light output in a room without other light sources, we also noticed a distortion in color. The Eyeclops seems to overcompensate its color output resulting in a rainbow-effect. Again, we can’t expect too much from a handheld projector based under $100.


If you don’t mind the less-than-average video quality and are looking for something neat to give the kids, you can find out more info at: Eyeclops.com

Jakks Eyeclops Projector and AAXA P1 Micro Projector
Jakks Eyeclops Projector and AAXA P1 Micro Projector
Comparing Jakks Eyeclops Projector and AAXA Micro Projector
Eyeclops Projector and AAXA Micro Projector - AAXA Projector is on top, Jakks on bottom
Jakks Pacific Eyeclops Projector in use
Eyeclops in use - ~30

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