Samsung’s new pico projector

Samsung has just released a mobile phone with a built in pico projector which has been at the head of the Samsung news tree. Mysteriously, they also released a pico projector unit that boasts 30 lumens which hasn’t gotten much coverage in light of their projector phone. 30 lumens isn’t bad considering 3M has just released a new projector that still only offers 15 lumens. On the other hand, there has been pico technology developed by AaxaTech that has boasted 33 lumens and has been on the market since summer 2009.


Found at CES by TechRadar, the unnamed LED pico projector offers VGA resolution and a package that will match your Mac products.

While many of us are still in the dark as to the complete specifications on the unit, it looks as if it has onboard speakers and touch sensitive buttons. We haven’t been able to find a picture with connectivity and compatibility yet, but as far as pico projector technology goes, it probably offers the standard.



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