Aaxa L1 Laser Projector – continued

According to Max Hu, marketing director at AaxaTech, in his interview with CNet:

“Our engine uses an LCOS panel vs. their beam-steering MEM’s design. The diffused laser light allows higher brightness and classification as a FCC Class 1 product vs. a focused beam design which has eye safety issues. In that regard, our design has the potential for much brighter designs in the future (which we are currently developing).”

He states that the laser engine in the Aaxa L1 is completely different from the recently star-lighted ShowWX by Microvision.

As of now, these are the only two laser pocket projectors that have been shown to the general public. Microvision has yet to set a release date or a price on the ShowWX but we can most likely assume that it will be soon.

Interestingly, Aaxa states that  supplies on the L1 are extremely limited due to the limited supply of laser diodes. The Aaxa L1 Laser Projector is available for pre-order and will begin shipping February 12th.

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