MiLi iPhone Projector Review

MiLi iPhone Projector
MiLi iPhone Projector

Blogs everywhere have been announcing that the new MiLi iPhone projector recently started being distributed. This little guy first caught people’s attention back at CES as one of the most visually attractive pico projectors as of yet. The case design is a masterpiece that is sure to impress. The MiLI flips open and becomes a dock for your iPhone or iPod and projects images and video.

At first glimpse you would expect the MiLi to be a game changer with its futuristic design. After taking a look under the hood and turning it on your expectations hit the floor. The MiLi, while looking futuristic, is a thing of the past. It boasts only 10 lumens and 640×480 resolution. In short, it’s an expensive ($400!) fancy looking toy. Most users won’t be able to get any practical use out of it. Even in dark rooms the MiLi can’t put out the type of quality that most people would expect.

If you are in the market for a fancy looking toy for your kids and have the money the MiLi might be a good choice. Just hope that nobody ever turns it on.

Mili IPhone Projector video from CES on

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