Jakks Eyeclops Nominated for “Worst Toy of the Year”

Is Jakks Eyeclops the Worst Toy this year?
Is Jakks Eyeclops the Worst Toy this year?

The ‘Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood’ has released their list for the worst toys of the year. Among them is the Jakks Eyeclops mini projector which can be bought at toysRus. We agree this might be a good nomination, though for completely different reasons than they believe. Pico projectors can be great toys as long as they are used in moderation. As with everything, it comes down to good parenting. If you are going to get a mini projector we would recommend one with a little more power and quality than that the Jakks though.

You can go place your vote from among the toys nominated at democracyinaction.org

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