More incredible gaming developments!

The people over at Moject are doing some really impressive things over on the other side of the pond… IMHO gaming modes displaying this type of technology are going to hit main stream in the near future.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this little thing for my son ( don’t tell my wife but it is more for me… ;))


The system uses an AAXA L1v2 + an iPOD touch + a proprietary computing devise…



Check out the video!

Check out Moject on twitter @moject +         Check out Moject on the web

Check out AAXA on twitter @aaxatech +         Check out Moject on the web


it turns out we were right about the announcement of the aaxa M1-Ultimate-X! AAXA tech Just announced it on their site as well as notified us that they were sending one our way to review! we are pretty excited! feel free to check them out on the web for now… the other exciting news is that they are only $249!

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