Micro projectors a year later

We’ve been covering micro projectors for some time now. It’s exciting to see how much has changed in 1-2 years time. For this blog, we’ll do a quick recap of what was offered before, and what is the current flagship model.

3M: 3M started off with the MPro110 which was rather unimpressive but then again, so were all the other micro projectors. Their current model is the MPro180 which comes in at about 3x brighter than their first model and has many more features.

Optoma: The PK100 shared similar deficiencies as its competitors, mainly low lumens. It’s nice to see that Optoma has created a unit as fine as the PK-301 that is not only brighter, but more functional with features like HDMI.

AAXA Technologies: The P1 was their starting micro projector. Low lumen, bad speakers, no PC connectivity, all the same during that time. Currently they offer the M2 micro projector which comes in almost 10x brighter than the P1 and has useful features like VGA and HDMI connectivity.

Micro projectors have made leaps and bounds in a short amount of time, but some if not many will still say “not quite there yet”. It will be exciting to see what’s the next leap in this micro projector industry.

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