Telstar Pico Projector for Iphone 4

In our past news we talked about the concept of pico projectors being embedded into an iPhone. For now we have news from Telstar who has announced a pico projector that mounts on the back of an iPhone 4.
Using a DLP optical engine, this pico projector is rated at 15 Lumens with a 640×360 resolution. The main plus side of this projector is its built in battery that can take lengthen the life of the iPhone. I’d love to have a pico projector in my iPhone but I also would not want it to drain my battery to zero if I had to do a 10 minute presentation with it. So for that I give Telstar a thumbs up for its concept.

I would personally prefer a higher lumen and be plugged into the wall but this is where the pico projector business is for now.

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