New Iphone 4s Features Video Mirroring Output making it the Perfect Pico Projector Accessory

Although the IPhone 4S looks almost identical to the Iphone 4, they are most certainly not the same phone.  Along with the new camera, the faster processor, and antenna changes, the feature that fits our blog the most is its ability to mirror video output.

What this means is, when plugged into a projector, the iPhone 4S will project on your wall exactly what you see on the iPhone’s Retina LCD Display screen.    This ability really makes it the perfect pico projector accessory.

We tested various apps from the app store on our AAXA Technologies P4 Pico projector and found that it worked amazingly.  It’s the newest, brightest pico projector so we thought it was a good fit to test with the iPhone 4S.  AAXA has a iPhone cable available but we had a spare apple vga cable around so we used that.

For Games: imagine playing your favorite game like angry birds, plants vs. zombies or even real racing 2 on a screen that was 100”. You could play on the garage, in your backyard and even on your roof projecting onto your driveway if you wanted to.

*note: we don’t recommend you climbing onto your roof

For Business: You can use all your favorite apps like Keynote, pages, keynote, and goodreader and presentations through your pico projector right from your iPhone 4s without the need for any power cables.

For Education:  For education, iPhone’s, iPads, and iPods are changing the way students and teachers interact.  From the apple website “iPod touch has transformed the learning experience for fourth-grade students at Central Elementary School in Escondido, California. These students are excited about learning. And they have the test results to prove it.”

With the mirroring ability and pico projectors, teachers can more readily teach small groups of students instead of having them all crowd around 1 iPad or Iphone.

You can get the iPhone 4S, iPad, or IPod at

All Apps available on itunes.

You can get the AAXA P4 at


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