LG HW300T Micro Projector

LG HW300T Micro Projector

LG now has 300 Lumen WXGA DLP projector available for $699.99.  It only seems to be available in select retailers and mostly outside of the United States.
This micro projector features a built-n TV tuner, HDMI, VGA and USB ports.  Weighing 1.72 lbs its one of the heavier micro projectors but is also one of the brightest.   Its dimensions are  6.3″ x 2.1″ x 4.7″ which also make it SLIGHTLY bigger than their micro projector but it is definitely still a micro projector.

LG has their HX350T projector at 250 lumens and also has a TV tuner built in.  It looks like LG is still very strongly tied to their TV bonds and their customers still want to use LG products to watch TV.

As everything is getting smaller and downloadable, I would imagine people will start streaming their shows from their TV onto their micro projectors.  For how LG seems to have a customer base big enough to warrant the need for TV tuners.

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