AAXA P3 Pico Projector

AAXA has released their P3 pico projector and it sure offers a good value.

At $269 the P3 offer 50 lumens and a 1024×600 resolution.  This is the first pico I’ve seen with such a high native resolution.   Similar projectors in this category are:

AAXA P4 80 lumens $339

Optoma PK301 50 Lumen $339

Favi E3  50 Lumen $349

Samsung SP-H03 30 lumen $299


It’s great to see AAXA release what I would categorize as a great bang for you buck product.  Hopefully I can get a hold of one to review myself but for now you can check out a good review with a video from picopros.com


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