AAXA P4 LED Pico Projector now available everywhere

AAXA P4 in hand

We have raved about the P4 in the past but a few months after its release it is available on your beloved Amazon.com.  For all you amazon prime fanboys you can now get the AAXA P4 $339.  The P4 is still our favorite pico projector to date boasting 80 lumens on AC, 55 lumens on battery.  Not much out there can compare to this projector at this price.

The other projector that is similar in size, price, and lumens is the Optoma pk301 which provide 50 lumens AC, and 20 lumens on battery.

Considering the they are the same price I would suggest taking the extra 30 lumens.

The AAXA P4 is now available at amazon.com @:


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