Google Slated to Release Google Glasses Later in 2012

Tech giant Google is hard at work on a pair of glasses that can allow users to see augmented reality. Imagine driving a car with see-through glasses and seeing the driving directions without ever having to look at your phone or GPS. Looking at reviews of restaurants while standing behind a pair of Oakley glasses seemingly doing nothing. Reading the daily news while looking at a whitewall. The possibilities are endless and with Google backing the device, you can be sure a lot of time and effort will be placed into these high tech shades.

The glasses are rumored to be coming out late 2012 and most likely running a stripped down version of Google’s Flagship Android operation system. They will include earpieces too which will allow for listening to music and you will undoubtedly be able to make phones calls with them if Google pulls this off right. Although this was meant to be a top secret project, some Google employees reportedly just couldn’t keep this news from coming out into the public just like the open source mentality at Google.

However, some people might actually be averse to this idea. Who would not want to have extra information in this fast paced world you might ask? People who do not want to see ads in their field of vision at all times of the day. If there’s one thing we know, there will be a ads in this augmented reality specs.

It is yet undetermined the mechanism behind the glasses but from what technology currently exits, there may be a Pico Projector behind these glasses or it may even be a
see through version of Samsung’s flexible LED displays.

The gallery below shows depictions of what Google Glasses may look like.

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