PMA Forecast that Worldwide Projector Sales to hit 9.3 Million Units

Recently released by Pacific Media Associates, they expect Pico growth to hit 9.3 million units this year. This is a high forecast as picos are still a growing market. The marketplace has definitely risen due to the capabilities that most pico projectors have with Android phones. Being able to reach out to this consumer base has given the pico industry a huge consumer marketplace. The article by PMA can be found below. 
Pico Projectors, Solid-State Illumination, Short-Throw and Large Venue Models Expected to Outperform Overall Projector Market
Posted on March 28, 2013 by Linda

San Juan Capistrano, California, USA – March 28, 2013. PMA Research (PMA), the worldwide market information experts on front projectors, has released their latest quarterly forecast for the worldwide projector market. According to PMA, total worldwide projector shipments are expected to reach 9.5 million units in 2013. While to overall market is likely to trend up modestly from 2012, there are some areas of anticipated higher growth.

In the New Era segment (sub-1,000 Lumens), pico projectors recovered strongly in the second half of 2012, gaining 35% vs. the second half of 2011. PMA expects similar growth for these models this year, particularly for the very popular iPhone “sled” models. The success of these models may inspire the introduction of similar projectors for Android Smartphones such as the Galaxy S IV.

In the Mainstream segment (1,000 – 3,999 Lumens), PMA boosted their outlook for ultra-short-throw projectors in large part due to expected tenders in the Middle East as well as steady gains in the rest of the world. In addition, medium-short-throw models are expected to do well in China where they are being coupled with low-cost whiteboards. Solid State Illumination (SSI) models are also expected to outperform the overall projector market as well. New entrants into the SSI market and second-generation models which target mid-level price ranges will contribute to SSI growth.

Despite the sluggish economic recovery in 2012, conference room and large venue segments (excluding d-cinema) showed about 10% growth, and similar growth is expected to continue through 2013. Most of this growth was seen in the US and Western Europe. Even higher growth was seen in many developing countries, albeit on a smaller volume base. Since this segment remains somewhat immune to the competition from flat panels, expected improvements in corporate and higher education spending should benefit these projector segments in the coming year.

About PMA Research

PMA Research specializes in worldwide front projector market information, including New Era (sub-1000 lumens), Mainstream (1000-3999 lumens), and High-End (4000+ lumens) categories. Their Industry Service family of publications provides detailed worldwide quarterly updates (sell-in data and forecasts) on front projector markets, newsletters on new products and other key industry developments, and biennial Web surveys of North American dealers and end users (including organizations and individual consumers). Their Tracking Service family of monthly reports offers timely sell-through data and analysis on unit sales, true volume-weighted street prices, and inventories of front projectors sold by leading North American retailers, resellers, and distributors. PMA Research, formerly Pacific Media Associates, was established by Dr. William Coggshall, who was a co-founder of Dataquest (now part of Gartner) and helped start the syndicated high-tech market information business. The company’s US headquarters is at 25852 Avenida Cabrillo, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. Phone: +1 (949) 493-4601.

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