AAXA’s P2 Jr – Reviewed



AAXA’s P2 Jr has been out for a little while, long enough for any company to work out the kinks in their product, so I figure it’s time for an old fashioned review.

The P2 Jr is AAXA’s latest foray into the Pico Projector market, and it’s not bad.  It’s pretty small, at just 4.2″ x 2.9″ x 0.8″, and it weighs 0.3 lb.   For being so small you’d expect it to be lackluster on features, right?  I know I was.


For the $199 price point you get a battery powered projector which may not be great for presenting to large groups, but is pretty good for sharing media with a few family members.

So lets go point by point on this review, cover all the bases, starting with inputs.


The P2 Jr has a few inputs at it’s disposal.  HDMI is the biggest player here, although it’s a Mini-HDMI, so if you want to use a full sized HDMI cable, you’d need an adapter, something that AAXA doesn’t bundle with it.  The VGA/AV port is next, which, when used with an adapter, can output to VGA and RCA (again, if you lose the adapter, you’re outta luck).

The USB port on the P2 Jr is a full-sized one, and that’s something we love.  Just pop in a USB flash drive with some pictures, music, or movies on it, and you’re good to go.  The MicroSD card slot provides the same functionality with a MicroSD Card, if you have photos, music, or movies on it, you can play them right on the projector.  One of the things I loved was being able to shoot a few pictures and videos on my cell phone, pop out the memory card and play it right on the projector.

The design of the P2 Jr is pretty uninspiring, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s simple and clean, and doesn’t distract from what you’re trying to project.  The only downside to it is the plastic feels cheap and grabs fingerprints like nobodies business.


The P2 Jr’s power is 55 lumens, which is not as bright as it’s big brother, the P4-X, but serviceable for a lot of situations and environments.  The best use case for this model is if you’re in bed, at night, and watching a movie that’s being projected against your wall.  It won’t make a huge image but it’ll be good enough for watching a movie in bed.

The speaker in the P2 Jr is not great, but I didn’t expect it to be great for something this small and cheap.  The downside to having a projector this small is that there is no audio output as well, meaning that you are basically stuck using the internal speaker on the P2 Jr for your audio.


So for the price of $199, you get a tiny projector capable of displaying video from a variety of sources, as well as photo slideshows, presentations, and more.  The quality is good enough to justify the $199 price, as well as make it worth carrying around with you, I found it handy to be able to show someone something on a screen bigger than my 4″ phone.

Overall we think this is a great value, and we would recommend it to anyone looking for this kind of product.

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