Alcatel’s New OneTouch Hero Pico Projector Docking Port

Alcatel has a new pico/pocket projector docking port to support mobile phones. They’ve made this to give mobile users the ability to project directly from their phone without draining the battery of the phone. It isn’t for sale just yet and no release date has been announced. Stay tuned for updates!


Alcatel OneTouch is at least keeping an eye on this niche with a new docking station that doubles as an aforementioned pico projector. It’s a prototype accessory that’s compatible with theĀ OneTouch Hero, thanks to its set of magnetic docking contacts on the back — all you have to do is clip it on and the phone recognizes that it’s been attached. The projector is 12Lm, which is a little dimmer than we’d prefer (we were told that the final product may actually be brighter than this, but they can’t confirm for now), and the company claims it can show a screen larger than 70 inches.

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