Lemoptix Set To Unveil Second Generation HUD and 720p pico projector at CES 2014

This year at CES 2014 in Las Vegas Lemoptix will be demonstrating their new Heads-Up-Display (HUD) pico projector that may change the way we travel.

Key Features:

  • High brightness – greater than 40’000 cd/m2 on the EPE (Exit Pupil Expander)
  • High contrast ratio – no parasitic light, compared to existing HUD display technologies
  • “Real Black” – no postcard effect (typically happening in current display technologies, due to backlight and full frame illumination)
  • High colour gamut – greater than 200% NTSC
  • High power efficiency – lower than 4 Watts
  • Possibility of software-based image ratio modification by changing image width and height by changing the mirror scanning amplitude
  • Software capability to compensate real time video stream image distortion on non flat surface
  • Small volume system, based on Lemoptix HUD-dedicated 3 cc Optical Engine




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