PicoPix PPX3610 Android Based Wifi Pico Projector with Touch Navigation?


This year at CES 2014 Phillips showed off its new PicoPix PPX3610. Its an Android based pico projector that has wifi capability. The catchiest thing about this pico projector is that its physical navigation button is not a button at all, its a touch pad? …Yup, you can swipe and select through your menu of applications with your finger.

The wifi connectivity means you can run Netflix and Candy Crush on the projector just as you would a Word doc, although your mileage may vary when using the touchpad as opposed to a touchscreen. The brightness of the LED-powered DLP light engine is 100 lumens, which is pretty good for the pico projector category, although some designs are rated as high as 300 lumens.

Since the use case is quite different, the projector’s battery life isn’t anywhere near your regular Galaxy Tab. The PicoPix lasts a mere 2 hours, but you can buy an optional dock (see below) that extends the life to a total of four hours. The dock also adds 2-watt stereo speakers to add some oomph to those YouTube videos.

The PicoPix PPX3610 will be available in January for $549.


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