First Projection Watch to Debut February 2015

Ritot Smartwatch


A new watch is on the horizon that will change the game for everyone. This watch will be sleek and light, but will not have a face. This new watch is the Ritot Smartwarch. It is hailed as the “first projection watch”. Unlike traditional watches, which have a conventional display with either an LED digital face or an analog face, this watch will instead use a pico projector to project everything on the back of the hand.

Users can choose to view the time in more than 20 colors. Available in Sport or Bracelet designs Ritot offers vibrating notifications, messages and alerts. A shake of the wrist will dismiss a notification. Users can also set up their smartwatch to receive notifications like emails, calendar alerts, text messages, caller ID, Facebook messages, tweets, weather alerts and more will be projected by Ritot. After 10 seconds the projection will automatically disappear. Battery life will be around 150 hours in projection mode and 1 month in stand-by mode.

Even though the team behind it says that the pico projector is good enough for use in both night and day, we really have to see it in the flesh to ascertain how good or bad the readability is under direct sunlight. 

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