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Pico Projectors Make For the Perfect Movie Night


Sometimes it’s just not economical to take the kids out to the movie theater. What with popcorn costing $10 and a soda equally as much. A simple movie can cost over $100.

Why not put the projector up in the kids room and have a “sleepover” movie night. Well, without the sleepover maybe. But the kids will love having everyone visit their room to have fun instead of being in the living room like every other night. Spend that extra money on something good for yourself or your family (maybe a retirement fund?). You’ll thank us!

New Video Comparing P1 to P2 Pico Projector

As every company under the sun continues to come out with their latest version of pico projector we had been hunting for a live demo to show us the real quality differences. Let’s face it, most of the models put out in the last couple years haven’t been up to par with expectations. That trend is beginning to change. The new line’s from companies like Aaxa Tech, 3M, and Optoma seem to work well as long as you aren’t in a super bright environment. Check out this video to get a real look at how fast the quality of these projectors is moving.