AAXA M1 and Digital Camera = convenience & ease

Taking the SD Card out of your camera AAXA M1's SD card slot

Having received the AAXA M1+ a few days ago, I was able to try viewing pictures right after taking pictures. This is actually a lot easier than the current digital photo frame that I have. Both of these items were actually presents from my cousin and she explained that they were easy to use. I beg to differ. The digital photo frame actually caused some trouble as it would not read some of my larger files and stalled. With the M1+, I am able to snap pictures at high res and directly take my SD card out of the projector and place it in the projector itself. Looking at similar products, I don’t see SD card slot readers on other projectors. So I can see why my cousin told me that this was easy to use. There are plenty of other features that are available on the M1+ which as I use more will talk about. But for now, AAXA’s M1+ and my digital camera = convenience & ease for me.

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