AAXA’s L1 Laser Projector finally has an Iphone connector!

Having had the L1 on loan from AAXA for a few weeks and despite its innate video playback capabilities we felt that and Iphone / Ipod connector was sorely missing. Thankfully the guys at AAXA heard our request and have released a new Iphone / Ipod connector for the L1 Pico projector.

AAXA L1 Pico Projector Iphone Cable

We just got around to testing out this cable. It’s amazing what two products both the size of cigarette backs can do together – we now have a portable 50″ youtube screen that fits in our pocket! Not to mention picture slide shows and itunes videos! Can we ask for more? Yes – the 1 hour 20 minute (as tested) operating life of the L1 leaves us a bit short on a full length movie. Can we just get another 40 mintues of battery life? Pretty please with a cherry on top???

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