Video Presentations with the AAXA P2 Projector

I’m new here and wanted to introduce myself with an overview of how the AAXA P2 fares with presenting a video presentation.

After receiving the projector, I charged the battery and read over the instruction manual. One of my main purposes in wanting this projector is to be able to do presentations with ease. After reading the manual, I envisioned two methods to making a presentation:

1. Traditional laptop –> projector connection.
Because this projector has a VGA connector in the back of the unit, it was easy to plug and display. With Windows 7, shockingly, all I had to do was tell the laptop to search for other displays and it automatically added the projector and mirrored my desktop. I was ready to go in less than a minute.

2. Load my video on the P2 and display it.
There is 1Gb of onboard storage on the unit. After plugging the projector into my laptop via usb, it is recognized as a drive. All I need to do is copy over the files I need. Then I go into the onboard media player of the projector and press play. One thing to note is that the projector can only play certain files. So I had to be caerful to choose the correct conversion. I don’t consider this too big of a deal when I see the upside that I do not need to take my laptop with me.

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