Sapphire Mini-Projector 101

Sapphire Technology is better known for its ATI based graphics cards.  They’ve recently launched the Mini-Projector 101.  This mini projector features the latest super bright multi-chip LED technology with a lamp good for 20,000 hours.  This mini projector comes complete with charger, tripod, video leads for PC VGA, composite video and an approved iPod / iPhone adapter.

This mini projector uses a LCoS imager and provides a 640×480 resolution at 4:3 aspect ratio with a contrast ratio of 200:1.  If you include the battery, this mini projector weighs in at 103g.

This mini projector can be used to share pictures so that you and your friends don’t need to be squinting at a tiny screen on your phone.  You can also stream videos from YouTube onto your wall when connected to an iPhone or computer!  This mini projector  can also be used for business presentations, the possibilities are endless!

So just plug in and play – shine and share ! .

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