Mitsubishi PK20 micro projector


The Mitsubishi PK20 micro projector is a LED DLP micro projector.  This the 2nd generation of Mitsubishi’s award winning micro projector.  This micro projector features an ultra-wide lens for the shortest throw distance possible.  It can create a 20″ diagonal image with just 1ft of distance.

The PK20 micro projector features flash memory card reading capabilities.  The DLP imager increases brightness by 150% compared to the PK10 micro projector.  This results in greater detail and clarity, especially with the 1000:1 contrast ratio. There’s even an audio-in jack and a tripod mount.

The PK20 micro projector offers SVGA (800×600) resolution. This micro projector also includes RCA video, S-video and VGA inputs, plus stereo mini-jack audio in/out to connect to your PDA*, portable DVD player, laptop computer, digital camera* or video game console*. Like their first micro projector, the new PK20 micro projector offers instant on/off control, virtually noiseless operation, and no bulb replacement.

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