Favi E1 LED Pico Projector

The Favi E1 LED Pico projector isn’t the best pico projector, but it makes up for it with a longer battery life.  But the trade-off of a longer battery life is lower brightness and smaller image size.

The native resolution of the Favi E1 LED pico projector is 640×480 but can go up to 720×480.  The optical engine type is LCoS.  Due to the lower lumens of this pico projector, the ideal size is 5-20 inches.  The aspect ratio is 4:3 and contrast is 200:1.  This pico projector is recommended to be used in dark rooms.

The pico projector also has features like composite AV, headphone jack and mini USB.  There is also an SD slot.  This feature may be nice to some but not to others is that it runs off 4 AA batteries.  Given that this is a LED pico projector, estimated lamp life is between 15000-20000 hours.

This pico projector is fairly straightforward.  Not only does it come with a remote, which makes things easier, but it also includes a tripod. Between these two accessories, you won’t have to worry too much about the location of your presentation.


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