HandHeld gaming + Handheld Projectiors = a match made in HEAVEN!

Disney Research Pittsburgh Has invested huge in the development of a new gaming class. They call it: “MotionBeam: A Metaphor for Character Interaction with Handheld Projectors” It is a quite impressive system involving  motion controlled characters via apples gyroscope from their ipod, The projector can activate real objects via an infrared beam, and this is all while projected on the users wall/ceiling/tent or what ever the heck they decide to project on! (just watch the video…)  I could see this becoming very annoying on subway rides in the near future!


The MotionBeam project explores the use of handheld projectors to interact and control projected characters. Physical movement of the projection device, much like a motion controller, is used to guide and interact with the character. This creates a unified interaction style where sensor input and projector output are tied together within a single device.

via motion beam

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