AAXA M1 goes Xtreme?

There’s been some buzz on the net that AAXA is about to release another revision to their M1-series micro projectors.  The AAXA M1 micro projector has been a successful product line being used in various professional installations and featured in various articles.

The M1 Ultimate micro projector showed the world that AAXA does listen to their customers’ suggestion in producing a projector that not only performed but was also stylish and durable at the same time.  When we reviewed the M1 Plus, we felt it did the job and was fairly simple to use.  We are looking forward to having the opportunity to review the M1X.

The M1X micro projector won’t be a huge revision.  It will feature all of the core features of the M1 Ultimate micro projector like 75lumen optical engine, aluminum casing, touch controls, remote, VGA and speakers.  The main difference that we can deduce is that the M1X will feature 2GB SD Card instead of the 1GB onboard memory.

We are looking forward to receiving our evaluation model and writing our review on the M1X micro projector.

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