Micro projector basics

It has been some time since the release of the first micro projector.  The first micro projector we came across was the AAXA M1 Standard.  Back then, the M1 micro projector only had RCA input, USB data transfer and SD Card reading abilities.  As technology progresses, there should be a standard for what a micro projector has in order to keep up with competition.

The AAXA M1 Ultimate-X is a good example of what features a micro projector should provide.  The M1 Ultimate-X can be connected via RCA and VGA although having HDMI would be nice as well.  The AAXA M1 Ultimate-X micro projector can also read not only from SD cards but also from USB which is a nice improvement.

We feel 50lumens should be the minimum standard, and the M1 comes above that at 75lumens.  The resolution is at 800×600, not the highest, but still better than some who are still at 640×480.  The M1 micro projector even has keystoning which is a feature not found in all micro projectors yet.

To round out the accessory package for micro projectors, a remote and tripod should be standard as well.

To recap, micro projectors are advancing at a steady rate.  As the years go by, we do see increases in lumens, resolutions and connectivity.  All this should lead to micro projectors being capable replacements to their current not-so-portable counterparts.

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