LG HW300T and HX350T micro projectors

LG released their 300 series micro projectors.  The 2 micro projector models that have been released are the HW300T and HX350T.  Both of these micro projectors are LED and DLP based.

The HW300T features 250lumens at 1200×800 resolution.  This micro projector features broadband connection as well as DNLA.  A very interesting feature is that it has a built-in tuner so we’d imagine that you can use this to replace a TV.  It looks like LG has geared this to be a pure entertainment media projector since the only connection is HDMI.

The HX350T micro projector would be geared for those who are looking for a bit more bell and less whistles.  The lumens are bumped up to 300, but the resolution drops to 1024×768.  The 350 shares the HDMI and Tuner features of the 300.

With these 2 projectors, LG looks to be leading the charge into the 300lumen range.  Be prepared to pay near a full projector price but at 300lumens and being portable, it may just very well be worth it for some.

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