Pepper’s Ghost – An Old Trick with Some New Technology

In the 1860’s, John Henry Peppper showed how illusions could be made to appear and disappear using a plate glass  and a mirror with and some fancy lighting. In lieu of the having a real person standing around with the image of them mirrored, pico and micro projectors can be used instead. These small and inexpensive projectors are typically hundreds to thousands of dollars cheaper than the big bulky projectors found in your university classroom. However, the pico projectors these days have almost same set of features and inputs as the bigger ones do so you can connect to your iPhone and project your scary video as a hologram illusion to scare your roommates or use it as a neat trick at your next party. This idea was brought back to life by Tupacs hologram this weekend at the Coachella Music Festival.

Here are a couple of examples of Pepper’s Ghost in action.

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