Pocket Pico Projector Round-up: iPod Docks

There’s been an outcrop of new pico projectors with docking abilities. It makes you wonder though where the market is for these kinds of products. Pico Projectors tend to be targeted towards business users who are either implementing the product into their presentations or into their business (think I.T. applications). This new emerging market is the casual consumer who might be looking for a way to extend his phones limited phone space.


First the $100 ‘PoP’ Pico Projector at 10 lumens and a pretty low price tag you can’t really go wrong if this is the kind of technology you’re trying to get a hold of.The lumen rating is on the low side but it’s not entirely bad. It fits generation 3G all the way to the 4S and projects a qHD native resolution of 960×540, the same resolution the Iphone pushes out. Rechargable and cheap, PoP seems like a good product to look into on the lower end.

On the pricer side of things; the Brookstone Pico Projector retails at a steep $229.00 price tag offers the same amount of lumens but offers to charge your phone while it’s docked. This could serve as a nice addition to someone looking to just expand their feature set a bit without killing the battery for projection and it still manages to outlast the PoP Pico Projector by 30 minutes for a grand total of 2 and a half hours of continous run/charge time.

Both these units unfortunately don’t have a very high count in the lumen range (Approximately between 10-15 respectively). This does leave room for more advanced projectors. Aiptek recently showcased new pico projectors made for the Iphone/Android market and to top it off their new MobileCinema line is boasting an alleged 35 lumens on an DLP engine that if it claims to hit 35, could very well attract a ton of new buyers.

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