ACER C120 – Laptop Companion Only?

Acer hit the ground running with the Ultrabooks. Unfortunately for that market the Ultrabooks are just not making as much of a buzz as some people were hoping(looking at you intel) but in an effort to either pull users in with ultra portability, or to make up for the terrible backlit LED on the Acer S3, Acer has put out the brand new Acer C120. A very affordable($269) 100-lumen pico projector. Now we’re the Micro Projector experts and we can tell you that the projectors in this lumen range are usually upwards of $300.  So you are getting a very significant amount of power for the price.

Not everything is gold though. One USB 3.0 input only. Now I understand that cutting costs sometimes involves cutting features but I mean really where is your projector going to come in handy when you can only use it with another 3.0 enabled device. So if they were realllly trying to target the Ultrabook community with Ultra portability, they would have made the S3 USB 3.0 enabled, unfortunately that is not the case.

Surprisingly enough the only other competitor in this market is the surprisingly new AAXA P4 Wi-Fi that surprisingly has too disappeared. With 100 lumen light engine and multiple inputs/outputs for most modern day video-out capable devices, it’s a shame you don’t hear much from this competitor only released 2 weeks ago.


You can read more about the Acer C120 at it’s home

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