Smartphone Growth Driving Pico Projector Demand

Just today I watched a movie off my phone, browsed the web, and shared some pictures off my tiny little phone. Unfortunately it was a bit cramped, and I am thankful at these times for my pico projector. It’s easy to carry, it’s easy to set up, and all the inputs needed to share media are easy to get to. Smartphones are definitely the brain behind the projectors currently with all their technology to receive and send information.

According to GBI Research, the global demand for smartphone technology will help steer the growth of the pico projector market. This seems to be the general consensus within the industry as more and more projectors come made for iPhone or dock with other kinds of phones. The truth is that it just makes sense for these products to help drive each others sales as they compliment each other for the obvious reasons of screens being limited to their design. Take a look at the Galaxy Note, an effort to increase the overall surface area of the screen has forced the phone to take an almost opposite turn for overall usefulness.

The report also goes to point that the current market value for 2011 was $0.49 Billion and is expected to increase to $8.12 billion by 2016. This a growth rate, yearly, of 75% which is not a small margin.


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