Buckingham Palace Projector sets New Guinness World Record

London, England – London UK based projection artist Ross Ashton of The Projection Studio had his ‘Face Britain’ video projection work onto the front of Buckingham Palace officially confirmed as a Guinness World Record for the ‘most artists working on the same art installation’.

The work – using Buckingham Palace as the canvas – employed an array of projectors which was assembled around the Royal palace to project video artwork featuring 32 animated mosaic portraits of the Queen onto the unique projector screen. The work’s main participants were Ross Ashton of The Projection Studio, The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts and involved the artwork of more than 200,000 children.

All these portraits have been carefully scrutinised by Guinness World Records and certified as individual artworks.

For the show, the component images all ‘flew’ together to make the individual portraits of The Queen, which were based on a template image supplied by Royal photographer, Arthur Edwards

Says Ashton, “Obviously I’m extremely proud of this land-mark achievement. It was a big challenge and a lot of fun working on the project, with an incredible response from children and young people nationwide who really engaged with the concept. It was hugely inspiring to deliver a work based on all their original contributions.”

Children aged 4 – 16 were invited to produce their own self-portraits by Face Britain encompassing all levels of skill and in any medium, including drawing, photography, textiles, painting and graphics.

Ashton worked closely with CT’s Scott Burgess to design the projection system and CT supplied all the hardware for the installation, including the 24 Barco and Panasonic projectors, complete with weatherised hides and crew.

The show ran for three evenings at the end of April and attracted massive public interest. For more projection art- check out our post on the Speed of Light!


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