Lightplay Projector that Connects with Android!

Nowadays, companies are not satisfied at where they are at. They seem to be expanding too many different areas at a time. Recently, Android has been starting to deal with the projector industry. This product Lightplay is a cross between an android tablet and a pico video projector. Their “Smart Micro Projector” is one of their new products that run on a 1 GHz processor, with 8GB of internal memory. It also supported from USB, min-USB, HDMI and Wi-Fi connectivity.


You are allowed to access Google Play from the Lightplay itself, and you can download hundreds of thousands of available apps, movies and content displaying it on any projectable surface. This definitely opens up a whole new market, simply because it runs on Google’s Android operating system.


As technology advances and merges like it does today, you just begin to wonder what other kinds of things can pico projectors merge with. For example, you take one of the brightest pico projectors (AAXA p300 pico projector), imagine you taking the specs and the pico projector itself and combining it with a laptop or a macbook. You can watch movies, do business, and view pictures easily on your computer. As more and more technological advances come about, you can start to see that pico projectors will slowly become more integrated in the mobile community.

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