Picking a Projector: The review four of the best and brightest models

Recently came across an article and it had a review of the 4 brightest pico projectors in the market. Pico projectors are the tiniest handheld projectors that are currently out there on the market. Its portability and easiness to use is highly efficient for entertainment and business purposes. Unfortunately, pico projectors aren’t as small as your typical handheld device like an iPhone, it still is considered very small, and won’t even weigh down a briefcase or purse by more than a pound. Some pico projectors even weigh less than half that.

Pico projectors have become credible business tools as technology improves, unfortunately they are still not powerful enough to display in large rooms. This shouldn’t be the main entertainment device that you use, but it definitely is a useful tool for constant travelers.

The four models that were looked at were the AAXA P4X, Acer C120, Optoma PK320, and the 3M MP220. Three of these units are based on Texas Instruments DLP technology, one uses LCoS.  The connection options for these projectors do vary, as does support for assorted media file formats.

At the end of the day, depending what you are looking for, you can definitely make a decision on what fits your needs the best. If you are looking for a brighter projector, you would probably look for the AAXA P4X, Acer C120, or Optoma PK320.  If you’re looking for a cheaper model the Acer C120 or AAXA P4X would be a better fit. There are many differences and similarities with each pico projector; you just have to take a look at what fits your needs, and what doesn’t. Below are some pros/cons of each projector.

  • Aaxa P4-X: HDMI support lets you connect this model to a Blu-ray player.



  • Acer C120: This model is very small and very bright, but it’s also the least versatile of the group.



  • Optoma PK320: The best choice for business travelers, this unit supports HDMI, too.




  • 3M MP220: Although this unit is heavy, it offers high resolution.

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