Aiptek Introduced Projector Case with Battery Combo for the New iPhone 5

Aipteks MobileCinema i55 Is A Pico Projector And Battery Pack Combo For The iPhone 5

Among the many things at the IFA that was introduced, Aiptek is one of the first to announce a mini LED projector case that is specifically designed for the iPhone 5- the MobileCinema i55. It has a brightness of 50 lumens and claims to produce up to a 60 inch image. It also doubles as a battery pack which is a nice feature. A big complaint about adding a projector to the phone is how thick and bulky it makes it. But since a lot of people already are willing to make their phone thick for an extended battery, the MobileCinema i55 might be able to offer a good value. Any new iPhone 5 accessories are getting a lot of attention these days, but we will see if this product will really be able to perform down the road. What are your thoughts, would you buy it for your iPhone 5?

For the complete coverage please visit full story at Ubergizmo.

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