P2 Jr and P4-X Pico Projectors Reviewit Program!

Hey readers,
We recently discovered that AAXATechnologies is running a promotion program for their P2 Jr. and P4-x pico projectors – you can save up to $110! The catch is, you’ll have to post a review of the units once received. We’ve already applied for the progam. We will be posting up a video review of both units soon.

AAXA Technologies is offering both professional and amateur product reviewers a chance to review our new P2 Jr. and refurbished P4-X Pico Projector at a substantially discounted price. Both devices offer a portable, yet powerful solution for your entertainment and presentation needs – connect your iPhone, iPad, Android device or use the built in media player to play your videos, photos, music, and more!

All reviewers must be active in their respective communities, able to write a clear review, and able to post pictures of the product. Upon application approval (apply here) reviewers are eligible for our “Review It!” discount. Order our P2 Jr. or P4-X Pico Projector. Try it out and write a review. It’s that simple!

We are only offering one review per community with a limited number of “Review It!” discounts.

Program Specifications

How the “Review It!” program works:

*All reviewers must meet our qualification standards (read below).
*Apply to become a reviewer by filling out our form located here
*If approved you will be sent a PayPal payment request for your new P2 Jr. or Refurbished P4-X projector. The current reviewer price for the P2 Jr is $139.0 ($60 discount) or P4-X is 189.00 ($110 discount).
*Your new P2 Jr. or Refurbished P4-X projector will ship as soon as possible.
*You are on your own honor to post your review within 10 days of receiving the projector.

Current Review It! Price for the P2 Jr is $139.00 ($60 discount) or Refurbished P4-X is $189.00 ($110 Discount)

Review It! Qualifications:

1. Member of a forum, community, video blog, or blog with over 10,000 members or 10,000 monthly unique visitors (Moderator or Owner preferred)
2. Member with over 100 posts in the community or authorized reviewer
3. Post at least a 250 word review for a one minute video review with descriptions within 10 days of receipt of product
4. Post at least 1 picture of the product
5. Post at least 1 link to our website

We are currently primarily interested in reviews related to:

*Portable electronic communities (Ipod, Iphone, Samung Galaxy phones, androids, PSP.)
*Entertainment media communities (DVD, Bluray, etc.)
*Photography communities
*Professional communities (Real Estate, Marketing, etc.)

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