Interactive Projector: Amazon Glow

Amazon newest innovative tech is the Amazon Glow, an interactive  video-conferencing device with a built-in tabletop projector. The main goal is to allow kids to be interactive while communicating with friends and family across different locations. With the ability to project games, books, pictures, or puzzles, this allows the kids and parents(also grandparents) to play and talk together at the same time

The Amazon Glow comes with new features such as a shared display, showing what the kid sees and mirroring it on a remote iPad. Books, games, and some basic learning apps are different activities that the Amazon Glow can display. This is all connected to the Amazon’s Kids Plus ecosystem, a subscription based to connect the whole family. Parents will need to learn how to set up the Glow and teach their child the basics. Amazon targeted children between the ages of three through nine, so setting up age restriction contents might be important for many parents. The Amazon Glow projects a 8-inch screen for video chat and is able to project a 22 inches screen using the screen mat. At the moment, the Amazon Glow is not yet released, but has a retail price of $299.99 and is looking to release around mid-October 2021.

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