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Interactive Video-mapped using Projectors

Have you ever seen floors, walls, or objects with abstract light and shadow effects, that look like they are coming to life? If so, you probably saw a version of video mapping or projection mapping. Lighting a 3D object or an irregular shape with a digital display is called video mapping or projection mapping. Video/projection mapping had been popular with DJ artists using lights from projectors to enhance the audio with synced visuals. Recently, projection mapping has been used on a large scale projection such as Cinderella Castle in Disney Parks, which is used to project special 3D events and shows. Large scale projection mapping like this uses large projectors with 20,000 lumens output or greater. Video mapping has also become more mainstream with the accessibility to many different types of projectors as well as specialized software to help design and map the projection. 

Video and projection mapping is not easy work as it requires a lot of planning as well as learning 3D modelling. If you are thinking of creating your own interactive video mapping project, here are some simplified steps that might help you understand the process. A more detailed instruction can be found at Make an Affordable Interactive Videomapped Installation. The first step is to determine what image or video to project as well as the object or surface that you want to project on. After that, you would need to find out what projector you want to use based on your where, how, and what you are planning on doing for the mapping. You want to install the projector at a fixed location. Next, you are going to need to design your image to fit with the surface that you are working on. On irregular surfaces, you will need video mapping software such as MadMapper, HeavyM, Qlab, Troixatronix’s Isadora, FaçadeSignage, ArKaos, or Photopshop to help you edit your design. If you are able to get your design, the next step is to use your projector to display your designs. For more examples for creative ideas, you can check out: Top 20 Best Projection Mapping Examples. For smaller scale video mapping on everyday objects, check out this Projection Mapping website.

Compact Projector Astonishes Australian Art Festival Goers

© Photo by Brad’sBlog

The Adelaide Fringe Festival known for being the world’s second-biggest art festival introduced an awe-inspiring interactive art installation with the help of FujiFilm’s FP-Z500 Ultra Short Throw Project. This projector is equipped with the world’s first folded two- axial rotatable lens that allows for omnidirectional image projection without moving the unit. In layman’s terms, this projector has the ability to direct its lens up, down, front, rear, left and right to project images without having to be physically moved. Another awesome bit of news for us micro projector fans is that Fujifilm was able to fit all of this technology in a fairly compact body measuring only 108 mm thick. Hopefully, technology like this will trickle down to the pico projector market!

© Photo by Brad’sBlog

The versatility of this projector allowed Karl ‘ Winda’ Telfer’s Yabarra – Dreaming in Light to come to life as the festival’s main attraction. Some highlights of this projector’s work are its ability to project simultaneously on the walls, floor, and ceiling without any seams in the image. Fujifilm’s FP-Z5000 has not only been able to project these images but has retained the images picture quality, maintaining the rich and vibrant colors that the artist envisioned.

The two men responsible for coming up with the idea of using the FP-Z5000 are Milenko Novakovic and Leko Novakovic, the co-owners of Novatech Creative Event Technology, the audiovisual company in charge of providing and installing the equipment on Yabarra – Dreaming in Light. Leko is quoted as saying “The FP-Z5000 is such a unique product and Milenko had some great ideas of how we could use these projectors in new and innovative ways, one of which was for the Yabarra – Dreaming installation, so we decided on an initial purchase of four units.”

The dreaming light installation is available at the Adelaide Fringe Festival until March 15th. If you are in the area check out the installation and comment on what you think of the projector. For the rest of us we can learn more about the compact projector here: