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Mini Projectors Enhancing Teaching Around The World

Cardiac Teaching in Haiti Hospital

The micro and pico projector market is revolutionizing the way the students are being taught in 3rd world countries. With pico projectors becoming more portable and some projectors like AAXA’s P7 having enough battery power for 90 minutes, these tools have become pivotal in areas without the resources to support a full-fledged classroom.

One issue teaching in a 3rd world country like Kenya is the lack of internet access. Physicists Undergraduate Artur Donaldson had this to say about teaching Kenya ” The peak of the hill was one of the few places I encountered during my time in Kenya where there is no mobile phone reception. This means that the school and its suite of computers are isolated from the Internet — because, like most of Kenya, there is no wired broadband service in the area. “

Luckily for those teaching in these areas, the pico projectors on the market currently have USB and SD ports . This gives teachers the ability to preload their content for teaching and negates any worry about potential issues with WIFI or Cellular reception.

Sundance loses the big screen for the pico screen

The news isn’t for good, however, Sundance recently hosted the ShowWX Festival where pico projectors and random items were used as screens instead of the 200ft multiplex screen.

According to Stuff, the items used as screens for these pico projectors ranged from sheets of ice to a woman’s bare back.

ces booth

The Showxx Festival showcased mostly indie movies including Ken Russell’s Boudica Bites Back and Delphinium, a coming age story by director Derek Jarman.

The two main feature screens were a 100-inch wall of ice that was intended to melt to the ground by the time the festival was over and the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel lie-in theater where viewers would lay down to see the feature.

HP to be releasing Pico Projector integrated laptops

HP plans to market two mobile PC solutions this year – the tablet and a notebook with an integrated pico projector.

monty wong

According to DigiTimes, Monty Wong, VP of HP in Taiwan, mentioned that HP also plans place the pico projector where the webcam is normally located.

The pico projector notebooks will mainly be produced by Quanta Computer and will launch after HP launches a few standalone pico projectors on to the market.

The idea isn’t new, however, and delays in production have been due to cooling solutions. We should be seeing news from HP soon.

MSI Projector PC

CES 2010 – Las Vegas, Nevada – MSI unveils its concept prototype – the MSI Projector PC.


According to Engadget, the MSI Projector PC blasts HD video at about the quality of a micro projector. They also mention that the brightness is notably a step above the pico projector levels.

Essentially, the MSI Projector PC is a micro projector with a PC and DVD drive built in to it. The plan is to pair it with their wireless mouse and keyboard for living room use. The advantages are merely novelty as one can easily plug in a laptop or PC to most pico and micro projectors as it is. MSI conveniently bundles up the idea in to one small package.



Microvision to develop micro projector based shooter video game

It has been news for awhile, but Microvision is releasing a micro projector based first person shooter video game controller.

micro vision showwx video game

The guys at CrunchGear had a first hand test of the Microvision product and seem to be very excited about it for a few different factors.

The first factor they mention is that the projector is based off of Microvision’s SHOWWX pico projector. The projector is modified to create an 848×480 image that always stays in focus. They reiterate that it is always in focus. Further, the pico projector is mounted on to a plastic gun to create the controller. The gun itself is equipped with motion detectors that let you go as far left, right, up or down as you want to go.

The most impressing thing, they mention, is that there is no lag between movement of the gun and video recognition of movement. Impressive new technology!