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Walmart Uses LED Projectors For Ads

© Photo by Talk Business

The grocery mega-giant known as Walmart has begun using LED mini projectors to test floor ads in order to boost sales. These mini projectors are a great way to draw attention to special price rollbacks, specifically on toys. 75% of shoppers said that the LED projected ads were more effective than traditional signage ads. The move to use LED projectors, both standard and pico, is a huge move for the company. Walmart is hoping that this is the most efficient way to cover advertising real estate of its 5,000 stores that each has an average of 150,000 square footage. Stefanie Jay, vice president of the Walmart Media Group, describes the need for this type of advertising by releasing this statement, “With 90% of America shopping at Walmart every year and nearly 160 million visitors to our stores and websites every week, Walmart Media Group enables brands to reach more customers at scale and measure advertising effectiveness across the entire shopping journey”.

This much real estate needs multiple projectors not only portable in size but also equipped with a brightness that can project a high-quality image. Thankfully companies like OptomaEpson, Sony, LG, and AAXA have made great progress in lumen outputs for their LED pico projectors. The mini projector market is the perfect solution to cover all this floor real estate. Their compact size, affordability, and high lumen output make them a great asset for this type of advertising.

Microvision to develop micro projector based shooter video game

It has been news for awhile, but Microvision is releasing a micro projector based first person shooter video game controller.

micro vision showwx video game

The guys at CrunchGear had a first hand test of the Microvision product and seem to be very excited about it for a few different factors.

The first factor they mention is that the projector is based off of Microvision’s SHOWWX pico projector. The projector is modified to create an 848×480 image that always stays in focus. They reiterate that it is always in focus. Further, the pico projector is mounted on to a plastic gun to create the controller. The gun itself is equipped with motion detectors that let you go as far left, right, up or down as you want to go.

The most impressing thing, they mention, is that there is no lag between movement of the gun and video recognition of movement. Impressive new technology!