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Does Apple’s New iPhone 12 Come With Its Own Mini Projector?!

© Photo by Forbes

Even though the iPhone 11 just became the go-to phone, Apple is making huge moves towards the next generation in their phone line up. Leaks of Apple‘s ideas for the 12 have begun to emerge that is getting the pico and micro projector market buzzing. Yes, the iPhone 12 being the first 5G phone is exciting, but the news that is getting all of us exciting is the fact that the iPhone 12 is suppose to have a built-in mini projector.

Now, this projector isn’t going to be set up the same way we are used to setting our LED micro projectors up at home. To enable this projector instead of pressing a button the user pulls two inserts from either end of the phone and projects in both directions. This allows you to display onto the nearest flat surface to watch movies, games, or watch your Vlogging videos on YouTube. This is an extremely interesting concept that will hopefully open up more doors for the pico projector market. Our biggest concern for this is really the brightness and picture quality. Hopefully, Apple is able to bring their concept to life with enough brightness and picture quality to give pocket projectors that represent the LED Pico Projector community like AAXA’s M6, Vamvo’s Mini, AAXA’s P7, and Sony’s MP-CD1 a good name. Check out the Apple iPhone 12 trailer to see it in action for yourself.

General Imaging’s iPico targets Apple Users

We see more and more a redefined role for the pico projector as more manufacturers step up with their imaginative application for this technology. The iPico projector from General Imaging is not the first iPhone projector but it makes for a sleek and well rounded addition to the club started by Brookstone’s iPhone projector,  the Pop Video Projector,  and the Mili Pro V2 to name a few.

General Imaging’s ipico is a sleek hand-held, projector that sports a patented pop-up connector which will transform your iPhone or iPod touch into an instant social media tool wherever you are. Almost universal iPhone or iPod connectivity advances the iPico over its Brookstone forbears but likely, the brightness is going to be in the 15 -20 lumen range along with most other iPhone projectors with the exception of the updated 35 lumen Sanwa 400-PRJ011.  The ipico is capable of projecting a maximum screen size of 50″, where it will come in white this holiday season for $129.99 a pop making it one of the most affordable iPhone pico projectors we have seen to date.